Gluten Free Feta Turkey Burgers

In our home, I often find that I am cooking for only myself with my husband, Kevin, often working late being in the restaurant industry. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. A lot of times I will default to things like chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese, taquitos, or something... Continue Reading →

Fall Sunflower Wreath

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year and wreaths are one of my favorite things to craft! This fall sunflower wreath is a fun and easy DIY project that is the perfect addition to your fall decorations. Everything you'll need for this wreath can be purchased at Michael's, with the exception of the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Blog!

I'm so glad you decided to stop by and cozy up with me, Kristyn! When you're here, I hope you'll feel right at home. I've had this idea to start a multi-purpose blog for quite a while. If you've seen my personal Instagram or Facebook page, you'll find many a food and crafty posts. Along... Continue Reading →

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