20 Week Update!!

I know it’s been such a long time since I posted last, but can you believe it?! We’re already 20 weeks! Actually, tomorrow we’ll be 21 weeks, so less than halfway to go until we get to meet our sweet baby!

Now that we’re halfway there, I wanted to do a quick post to update y’all on how my pregnancy is going, and also to do a little bit of a reveal. Overall, this has been a fairly easy pregnancy. During the first trimester, I dealt with a lot of nausea, but never actually got sick from anything. The worst it ever got was on Cinco de Mayo after eating guacamole, and coincidentally, that was the last day I had any nausea! I was also tired a lot, but I think that’s just something that comes with the territory of growing a tiny human. As soon as the second trimester hit, so did the heartburn. It is the most intense heartburn I have ever felt haha but admittedly, I will take the heartburn over the nausea any day! Needless to say, Pepcid Complete is my best friend bc anything and nothing gives me heartburn, including plain water. Other than that, though, I really haven’t had any other symptoms!

On a more fun note, I started feeling baby move around 16 weeks which has been extremely exciting! The movements have felt like little flutters and tickle quite a bit. I keep saying that when baby tickles me, I tickle baby right back because that’s only fair, right? Additionally, we’ve had a couple of scans with our Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor’s office and both went really, really well. Baby has had perfect heart rates and is developing perfectly. Today was actually our 20 week anatomy scan and we got to see the four chambers of the heart, the bones in the arms and legs, hands, feet, stomach, kidneys… everything. It’s truly amazing what they can see in the ultrasound, and even more amazing what the human body can do and create.

It’s a…..

One of the most amazing (and honestly it was quite funny) things we were able to see even as early as our 13 week scan was the visual confirmation of the gender of our baby. Spoiler alert, we’ve known the gender of our little once since way back in September when I accidentally read it on the report after having our embryos genetically tested. However, this little one certainly wasn’t shy at either of our scan appointments. In fact, baby spread eagle for us at our 13 week scan, making the ultrasound tech laugh out loud. She said to us, “now, normally the 13 week scan is far too early to visually confirm the gender of the baby. However, there is absolutely no denying it….. YOU’RE HAVING A BOY!” We are so incredibly excited to welcome this little boy into our family and are so in love with him already!! Even at today’s scan, we were able to visually confirm his gender – little man is certainly not shy at all haha We also found out that he’s measuring approximately in the 34th percentile. Our next scan is in 3 weeks and I already can’t wait to get to see our little wiggle worm (because he can’t sit still, just like his daddy haha) on the ultrasound screen again.

Thanks so much for checking out this update and hopefully I’ll get another update or two in before little man arrives before Thanksgiving!!


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