Welcome to the Blog!

I’m so glad you decided to stop by and cozy up with me, Kristyn! When you’re here, I hope you’ll feel right at home. I’ve had this idea to start a multi-purpose blog for quite a while. If you’ve seen my personal Instagram or Facebook page, you’ll find many a food and crafty posts. Along with those posts have come many requests for a blog to actually talk about those posts. Drumroll please…… here ya go!

Me and my pup, Kujo 🙂
My husband, Kevin, and me

In the Living Room, you’ll find posts discussing life’s challenges and adventures. Life is crazy and I want to share all the ups and downs with you. Maybe you’ll find that we’re going through a similar situation and you’ll realize you’re not alone. Maybe you want to take a trip and I can inspire your adventure. Whatever the case may be, make sure you’ve got a comfy seat!

Wander over to the Reading Nook to find reviews and recommendations on books I’ve read (or listened to). I will be the first to admit, I typically don’t have time to sit down and read a book. Occasionally I get lucky, but the majority of the time, I listen to audiobooks while I’m at work or doing things around the house. Because of this, I get the opportunity to listen to lots and lots of books and I want to share some reviews and recommendations with you!

If you’re hungry, head to the Kitchen for some sweet and savory recipes! If I had to pick a favorite room in my house, it would most definitely be my kitchen. It’s my happy place and I love to let my creative juices flow in there. Trying out new recipes is one of my favorite things, especially when we find a new one that we just love! I always enjoy finding something new to try for dinner, but my weakness is desserts. Not only do I enjoy creating fun desserts, but I love letting my arresting juices flow to create art with my desserts (like this pie that I had way too much fun with)!

Last but certainly not least, if crafts are what you’re here for, head on over to the DIY Workbench! I’m known to many of my friends as their “crafty friend” because I love to make things and be crafty. I really enjoy working with my hands and creating new things and I’m incredibly excited to share my DIY adventures with you all!

Once again, I’m so excited that you stopped by to hang out and get cozy with me. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to get updates on new posts, and also check out my Facebook and Instagram pages!


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